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Join the Crew!

The Wildcat Crew is our team of PTA Volunteers. Whether its when we need support in our schools, at events, on event committees, or with at home activities - we appreciate every effort our community makes to support our schools. Read more about volunteering and joining the Wildcat Crew here. Then fill out the form to sign up to be connected with opportunities! 

Volunteering comes in all shapes and sizes

The Wildcat Crew has evolved to be our PTA volunteer team. When you sign up, you will receive various 'calls to volunteer' from the team throughout the year.  Within the crew, there are some specific roles to fill - please indicate your interest on the form based on the descriptions here. Or reach out to any board member with questions. 


Committees are vital to hosting many of our most popular events. Fall Festivals, Dances, Cultural Festival, Wildcat Dash & Back to School Bash, WGNO (Wildcat Grown-Ups Night Out), and more! These small teams lead the design and execution of the popular activities.

General Volunteer

Available periodically or for day-of event help? Being a general volunteer means that you will be able to sign up for as many specific volunteer shifts or activities as you choose. You are KEY to making all of the PTA function! Many hands make light work - we appreciate you!


Program Leads head up committees or key initiatives for the PTA. Whether it's a large event or a program like Reflections or smaller activities, leads are good decision makers and project managers with vision.

School Ambassador Teams

Formerly known as Room Parents, our Ambassadors operate in close partnership with each of our schools and their teachers. They assist our teachers by connecting classroom parents and guardians, help with materials prep, coordinate class support, and more!

(more details below)

School Ambassador Teams Details

Formerly known as Wildcat Crew Room Parents

The Wildcat Crew School Ambassador Teams are the ones who support our teachers and schools in the classroom outside of events. They act as liaisons between the PTA, the teachers, and other parents. The structure of these teams has evolved to meet the unique needs of each of our three schools. Ambassadors main responsibilities include: reaching out to offer support to assigned teacher(s), working with Building Ambassadors (leads) and VP Schools to deliver support to teachers, and spearheading in-school programs and communications with assigned class families.  

  • Room Ambassadors: 1-2 per core teacher

  • Specials Ambassadors: 1-2 for Holmes

  • Building Ambassadors (Leads) 1-2 for Holmes

  • Grade Ambassadors: team of 3-5 per grade level

  • Specials Ambassadors: 1-2 for Maercker

  • Building Ambassadors (Leads) 1-2 for Maercker

  • Grade Ambassadors: team of 3-5 per grade level

  • Specials Ambassadors: 1-2 for Westview

  • Building Ambassadors (Leads) 1-2 for Westview

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