Maercker D60 Cultural Festival 2022: Volunteers Needed!

Maercker District 60 PTA Presents:

Cultural Festival

Friday May 13th, 5:30-8pm

Westview Hills Middle School

Do you have a game, dance, food, clothing or craft that represents your family culture and heritage? Now is the time to get involved, share and celebrate your heritage with our community! Grandparents and extended family are welcome to volunteer on the day of event. Did you know our families speak over 45 languages? We would love to see as many cultures represented as possible!

We need lots of volunteers!

Westview students are urged to volunteer as well!

Sign up here and choose to participate in the following stations:

Fashion Parade

  • Name Room

  • Craft Room

  • Performances

  • Bring food for Tasting Room

  • Bring ethnic display of items for Museum Walk

  • Volunteer on the Day of Event for Set Up

  • Volunteer to help during the event

  • Volunteer to Pick up food from a restaurant

  • Clean Up Crew

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