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Volunteer and Join the Wildcat Crew

We Love Our Volunteers!

Whether it's an hour of your time each month, or just an hour at one school event - it's appreciated! You determine how much or how little you volunteer your time.

Many hands make light work and your efforts set an example for our children to follow. When your children see you helping at school, it gives them pride in you and will inspire them to also help others! 

Fill out this form to let us know your skills and interests so we can match you with opportunities you'll love!

Questions about our volunteer options? Visit the Wildcat Crew Volunteer Team page for more details

Volunteer Opportunity options (select all that apply)
Specific Program Interests:
Which School(s) Team would you like to be on? (may select more than 1)
What grade(s) are your kid(s) in? Select all that apply
Would you be interested in supprting our multi-grade Specals Teachers for the building?

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Thanks for volunteering! Someone will be contacting you with specific opportunities soon.

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