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As D60 Wildcat Families, we have a unique opportunity to set an example for others by coming together as one, and celebrating our diverse cultural backgrounds.

Our D60 Cultural Festival provides an opportunity for people from different ethnicities to come together and celebrate their diversity. During times of war and conflict in the world, it becomes even more critical to foster an environment of cultural respect and understanding. By embracing each other's traditions and customs, we can build bridges of empathy and tolerance. 

The Cultural Festival is funded in part by Federal Title III funds and is co-sponsored by the PTA.

Cultural Festival Activities

Student Cultural Squares  -  Library/Hallway

Performances + Fashion Show  -  Cafetorium

Tasting Room  -   Gym

Photo Booths  -  Wildcat Den

Museum Walk  -  IMC / Library

Crafts, Games, Art

African Mask Craft  -  Room 101 (STEM room)

Macedonian Bracelet Craft  -   Room 104 (ART)

Henna Art (ONLY 5:30-7:30)  -  Room 102 (FACS)

Name Room Craft  -  Room 102 (FACS)

Dance Class Experience  -  Wildcat Den

(5:30-6:00pm ONLY)

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