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Feeling Lucky?!?

Less than 24 hours until the online sales for our 50/50 cash raffle end! What is it? Buy tickets for a chance to win some cash - split the proceeds from all raffle ticket sales with the pta. You can buy tickets online (buy 5 - get 1 free! - buy 20 - get 5 free!!!) in our Spirit Shop until midnight tonight. We will be doing cash sales live at the Zanies Wildcat Grownups Night Out up until we do the drawing there tomorrow night - Wednesday, 4/27!

Did you already buy tickets - or do you want to see where the current jackpot stands? Click the button below to see assigned raffle ticket numbers and the 50/50 dollar value. All presale tickets assigned on this list have been entered into the drawing and will be at Zanies and added to in person sales for the final drawing.

Want to join us at Zanies? Still not too late to buy your tickets - 100% of the ticket sale goes directly to benefit the PTA!! PTA members save 15%.

Good luck to all our Wildcats!!!

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