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National Volunteer Week

Established in 1974 by Richard Nixon, National Volunteer Week is a time to inspire people to service and to thank the volunteers who make our community - and our world - a better place. Every year the program has been fostered and expanded by many great organizations - AmeriCorps, Points of Light Foundation, the Peace Corps, and thousands of global, national, regional, and local organizations. For me, I reflect on the things that I do with my time and the amazing people I've had the joy of volunteering with over the last 4 years here with Maercker PTA, and with other organizations outside of this district. I am proud of the events that we put on for our Wildcat Community, and the programs we support for over 1300 students and 900 families each year. This would not be possible without volunteers. Every single one of them. No matter how big or small the effort, volunteers make it all possible. The pandemic caused many of us to disconnect from the community as we isolated and stayed safe. Many reflected and shifted priorities. Nationwide, volunteer organizations are suffering as people have adjusted how they spend their free time. Our PTA is not immune to this. We are recruiting for some key roles for our PTA in the 2023-24 school year. Are you a whiz with project management? We have some committees who need your planning skills! Are you a master sales person? We could use your support getting the sponsorships and donations that fund our budget. Do you love the arts and want to encourage the creativity of our students? We could use your passion for our Reflections competition. Do you love to throw a fabulous party? We've got some options just waiting for you to add your touches. Are you just looking for a way to fill some time while meeting some other parents? Well, I like to call that socialization with a purpose. I started volunteering with the PTA over 10 years ago, and I have never regretted it. I have gotten vastly more back than I have put into it. My point is this - if you care about this school community and feel inspired to volunteer - we have got something for you to do! Email me at to let me know or ask any questions - I'll help you find a way to support our community and families.

Many hands make light work. I sincerely hope that you would consider lending your hands to the PTA as a volunteer - in whatever way fits your skills, desire, and availability.

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