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2022 Message from the President

Happy New Year! Well - we'd like it to be. The past couple of years have come with a heavy load. Who would have thought back in March 2020 that we would be where we are today? The Omicron variant has come to our community like the KoolAid Man crashing a party and COVID has, once again, caused a ruckus and a need to be flexible.

Sometimes it's hard to keep being flexible - but we do it. We do it to keep our schools and community moving forward. To try to bring some joy and bits of 'normal' to the pandemic world we constantly navigate. It's exhausting and frustrating, but also lined with the humanity and selflessness of so many among our ranks. I am impressed by the commitment to learning that our teachers and administration have consistently brought to the table: the endless hours spent planning and executing the plans (and pivoting mid-stride!) I am thankful for every volunteer who has come forward to support in ways big and small - and for the endless flexibility, friendship, shared laughter, and commitment to our community. I am consistently impressed by our kids - the students bearing the brunt on their way-too-small shoulders. They are finding their way to grow, learn, and maintain friendships in less than ideal circumstances. Their grit and adaptability is amazing.

And when I think of this, it makes it easier to keep moving forward, and to pivot when the needs arise.

Once again, we have had to adjust our plans and adapt to the circumstances of COVID in our community. We are postponing a few events (Wildcat Grown-Ups Night Out and Winter Crafts) but know that we are doing this to support our community and keep folks safe. We aren't going to let it keep us down. We will reschedule and update when new dates are set. And we will keep forging ahead with our plans for future events - always with the 'plan b' for less than ideal circumstances. Thanks for sticking with us, for supporting us, and for being a part of this amazing community with us. We are Wildcat Strong - and we look forward to a better 2022 together!

Danielle Jamil

President, Maercker PTA

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